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As promised, here is a few pictures of our apartment plus some tips on making your small space seem BIGGER! When we moved into this place we had so much help between my family and Js family it really helped us pull everything together. Shoutout to my mom and my sister who were opening boxes left and right and just putting things away for me! By the end of the weekend we were completely box free! I hate being in boxes and feel strongly about not stopping until they are all gone. Our family members are such rockstars!

Tip: Something that attracted us to this apartment was the open concept in the kitchen and living room. Surprisingly our last apartment was actually bigger than this square footage wise but the use of that space was terrible. So even though this apartment is smaller (718 sq. ft) we feel like its so much bigger because our kitchen and living room is so open. I can be cooking in the kitchen and have a conversation with J while he is watching tv all at the same time and I love it!

Tip: We loved how much natural light was in this apartment. Basically two whole walls in our apartment are windows. This lets in so much light and I love it. I helps us save on our electricity bill and with such pretty views we always have it open and so it makes me feel like our tiny space is bigger. However if we forget to close the blinds one night we are awaken by the sunlight at 7:30 a.m. this is not ideal for my night owl hubby. I don’t mind, extra coffee time. 


Shoutout to my sister who organized this entire shelf. Say hi to our fish, Blue Ivy.

Tip: One thing I have read over and over again at other blogs and things about living in small spaces is to really move in! Some even say paint the walls and I chose not to do that here because I do not like to mess with painting them back white when we move out. When its time to move out I like to just rip the band-aid and get outta here. Also I know some places will paint it back for a fee but I’d rather save money and buy a statement piece I can take with me. So wether you want to paint the walls or not definitely make it your own. Hang things on the wall, display pictures and make it feel like home. Even if you are only going to be in a place for a year– make it your home!
Tip: I believe having a light and bright color scheme makes a room feel clean, crisp and of course, BIGGER! We are all about feeling big over here can ya tell? Anyways for our master bedroom I went with an ivory and gray color scheme. One of my favorite thing in this room is our mercury glass lamps that we got at T.J. Maxx they were a steal! 
This picture is a little dark, I should have had J open up the top window because naturally I can’t reach it. I wanted to show you one, how awesome the window is in our bedroom but also to show you our bedroom is pretty small. However the living room and kitchen makes up for it! I mean all you really do in your bedroom is sleep right? You may also noticed our dresser is not straight. Thats because the wall is slanted, I guess the designer thought that would be cool and edgy. Maybe to some people it is, to me its dumb.

Thats the end of our virtual apartment tour, I hope you love our little home as much as we do! Friends in the DFW please call us and come hang out, we would love to have you.

If you are living or will be living in a small space maybe some of our tips can help you maximize that space. Below are some links to other awesome small spaces I have looked at over the last couples months.

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5 thoughts on “apartment tour

  1. Little Hann, I am so happy you’ve started a blog! I can’t wait to keep up with you guys here! Lubbock misses you so much already! 😘
    I love your apartment and I’m so excited to see on what new things you two embark in the future!


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