Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet, funny and handsome hubby!

I love you, j.

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Here are some things I learned during my first year of marriage:

1. I was in no way prepared for marriage. Of course I attended my churches marriage class, got premarital counseling, and read many books including this one and this one. But I do not think anything can prepare you for the sanctification (growth toward holiness) marriage naturally throws you into. Thankfully the Lord gave me a husband who is gracious and forgiving – so we work through tough times together.

2. I learned how to cook! I was not completely lost in the kitchen before but I was definitely not comfortable. It was a personal goal of mine to be comfortable in the kitchen and be able to cook anything my husband requested. After a year, I’ve almost completed that goal. You see my husband was very spoiled by his granny. Growing up, granny cooked EVERYTHING from scratch where as I do not. I will never forget the first time I made corn bread for j, he walked out and said,” How did you know how to make this?” and I said,” umm the jiffy box” HAHA!

3. . I have learned more about a new culture, about a month ago I shared this post on my Facebook. Angela does a great job talking about what it is like as a white girl to be married to an African American. I have loved every minute of it and look forward to our kids getting a multicultural perspective on life.

4. Something I never expected was the little things about sharing a house with a man who is literally a foot taller than me. The first time I took a shower in our new house I got in and the water hit me right in the face! I have since learned to check the shower before I get in and move the shower head down a bit. Bet ya didn’t think about that, did ya? yeah me neither.

5. Love is a choice. There are days when I do not want to love j but because I have a heavenly father who loves me despite my failures I can die to myself and love jamal. Marriage has also taught me a small glimpse of what unconditional love feels like. There are days when I am so ugly to j, yet he still comes home and cuddles me on the couch and watches reality tv with me. It is the hardest best thing.

So that’s it. There goes a few things I can sum up about the past year of my life. Today we will be celebrating our life together in our new city. If you want to know what we are up to, make sure to follow me on instagram @littlehann – I will be posting frequently about our day together.

and for kicks here is our wedding video in case you are interested


She did our pictures


She did our video

Also as I wrote this I was listening to iTunes radio “sexy love songs” playlist, its pretty sexy ha! 😛

xo, Hann


One thought on “Happy Anniversary!

  1. Wait it you have been married 53 years. amazing enough by the power of the Holy Spirit you grow closer and closer til you literally do become one!!!!! Well almost😄


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