Kitty sitting and such

This week we have been watching my sister kitty cat while she and her husband are in New York City. Here’s the thing about cats, you either like them or you don’t. I like them, my husband doesn’t. So as you can imagine its been a fun few days in the household. We ended up taking Penelope, my sisters kitty, back to her home and are just going for extended visitation hours to check on her. Heres a few pictures of Penelope while she was our roomie. She enjoyed exploring every nook and cranny and hanging out on the top of the couch.

IMG_3290 IMG_3292 IMG_3280 IMG_3289 IMG_3297
Last night we traveled over to Ft. Worth to check out downtowns Sundance Square where they were playing a free showing of the movie, Little Rascals. We met a friend there and enjoyed the outdoors, eating, people watching and talking. It was a great relaxing night. J and I were excited to get out of the house.


Looking forward to the weekend,

xo Hann


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