Are you an introvert?



This week I stumbled across this article from about introverts. The article expresses that there are four different kinds of introverts: social, thinking, anxious, and restrained. I love this article because I consider my self an introvert but always pushed it aside because I stereotyped “introvert” as the awkward-girl-who-loves-anime, or something ( no offense if you like anime). Then while studying counseling in grad school I came across the term “extroverted introvert” meaning that in social situations I can be extroverted and friendly but as soon as thats over I need alone time. According to this article I am a social introvert. Don’t know what type of introvert you are? Or if you are even an introvert at all? No worries. Theres a little quiz in the article you can take!

I absolutely love a good party, speaking in front of people and being out in about. What I love MOST is ” me time”. When J ( who is an extrovert) and I first got married I would beg him for me time. At first he didn’t understand and we had to literally schedule it in but now it comes more natural and he picks up on my cues when I need alone time before I even say anything. Most of my “hannah time” comes in the morning with a cup of coffee, tv and reading the latest blogs.

coffee time

Read the story and take the quiz here and let us know, what type of introvert you are? Are you one at all? Were you surprised by your results? If you are an introverted person what type of things do you like to do when you recharge during “me time”?




10 thoughts on “Are you an introvert?

  1. I’ve always heard that extroverts draw energy from others and introverts provide it, which explains why I can get through social interactions but am always exhausted after. I do like to be social and meet new people but I wouldn’t be able to do it every weekend. In addition to being introverted, I’m also a bit of a homebody!

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  2. I loved that article. I’m going to have to show my boyfriend. He doesn’t always understand my introversion. I’m the social one too. I like hanging out with people but not for extended amounts of time or huge groups. I’m glad I’m “normal” and not alone in this lol


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